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Product Code : 1019


Container Office
Size: 20’x8’x8.6’
Rate: 205000 – 300000/- Per Container
Items including Container:
Fan – Nos. 02
Light – Nos. 03
6 Amp Points – Nos. 02
16 Amp Points – Nos. 01
Provision for A/c – Nos. 01
Bulk Head – Nos. 01
Technical Specifications:
1. Base frame used are of pressed mild steel Channel Section.
2. Main structural elements are of ‘c’ Channel 100mm x 50mm and cross
Member is of ‘C’ Channel section Size 75mm x 40mm.
Side and End Walls:
1. Side & end frames made out of pressed section of suitable profiles/ pillars of
Sufficient strength i.e, 75 mm x 75 mm Square M.S. tube
2. 8mm MDF boards used for interior walls (pre laminated boards)
3. All Steel Sheets are G.I corrosion resistance.
4. Vertically corrugated sheet Panels that are continuously welded to top side and
base structure to offer better strength to weight ratio.
5. All gapes sealed at edges & at seams, bottom etc for preventing ingress of
1. Bottom frame provided of 18mm Cement Sheet (fixed by means of self taping
2. PVC vinyl flooring fixed on panel.
1. Interior paneling is done in 9 mm MDF board with adequate insulation.
1. Epoxy zinc Phosphate primer and synthetic Epoxy paint used for final 2 coats
Corrosion free & fire proof paint)
1. 50 mm thick Glass wool insulation used for walls as well as 75 mm thick
Glass wool insulation provided for roof.
Inner Paneling:
1. Aesthetically finished interior that provide custom built appearance with high
Quality workmanship
2. All vertical & horizontal corners neatly & smoothly finished with Aluminium
3. Paneling of side walls & roof is of 8mm thick decorative laminated MDF
Main Entry Door:
1. The door interior finished with same material matching with that of bunk
House interior
2. Door provision with locking arrangement with separate handles of both side of
Door as required
Aluminium Windows:
1. Aluminium sliding type powder coated windows that are made of Aluminium
Section which is 4 mm thick tinted glass
Electrical System:
1. Portable office provided with concealed electrical copper cable & wiring
Suitable for 250 volt, 50 hz single phase AC power supply.
2. Copper cable used are of 3/19 cable for lighting circuits.
3. ISI mark & concealed PVC conduits Insulated copper wire used for wiring in
PVC Conduit with small size distributed board with MCD protection and to
Protection and to separate with main Supply
4. Cabin should be with light fixture / fitting, ceiling fan.

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