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Shower Cubicles 3

Product Code : 3

Tempering for shower enclosure glasses only 90% of an enclosure is glass, so glass must conform to the highest safety standards as it is used in the bathroom.


Fragmentation test to check breakage pattern of glass
Zebra test no waviness
Ball drop test (impact resistance): to check strength at point of impact
Visual defects to check bubbles, scratches, chipping at edges and other visible defects
Free fall test to check overall strength of glass, by throwing the glass freely on a plain surface


These standards ensure that the glass passes string
Ensures consistency
Enhances life of the product
Conforms Indian standards


Frameless Range
Minimalist and sleek design to make entire enclosure look aesthetically appealing
Made of brass with nickel and chrome plating
Automatic closing up to 300
Tested for 5 lakh cycles
Rust proof screws
Screw caps
Protective film on the hardware to prevent scratches etc
Designed to carry loads of up to 25 kg ( per hinge )


Food grade plastic


Minimalist and sleek design to match the hinges
Made of brass with nickel and chrome plating


SS 304 grade
Mirror finish to match chrome finish of the hinges and connectors
19 mm dia


Longest towel rod (405 mm x 205 mm) to hang 2 towels
Brass with nickel and chrome finish
19 mm dia
No visible screws