Optitech Infra

Ceiling Design

The General Conditions and the requirements of Division 1 of the Specifications shall apply to all work hereunder. All work shall be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and in a manner satisfactory to the owner’s representative.


Optitech Infra shall furnish all flat Veneer Panels and specified matching trims. The suspension system shall be in accordance with drawings, and supplied by others. Suspension systems and components for ceilings other than manufacturer’s Flat Veneer Panel Ceiling Systems shall not be included.

Quality Assurance::

We as a firm with not less than 35 years of successful experience in installation of suspended wood ceilings of similar requirements to the project. The Optitech shall be acceptable to the architect, manufacturer and owner’s representative. Fire Performance Characteristics is when specified as “Fire Resistant” Optitech Flat Veneer Panels shall conform to Class 1, or a flame spread rating. And Environmental Standards is when required; veneer panel components shall originate from well managed forests as certified by accredited and recognized industry certifying organizations.