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Work of this Section includes fabric awnings and metal awning frames systems.
Finish Carpentry


Welder Qualifications: The personnel manufacturing the metal awning frames must experienced welder.
Provide written welding procedure specifications.
Professional Engineer Qualifications
Job site installation crew must include one CPR trained member on the job site at all times of the installation
The installation crews must have a copy of the awning company’s Code of Safety practices at the job site during times of installation.
Hold daily Safety Tail Gate Meetings before start of installation work.
When forklifts are used at the job site, the operator must be Fork Lift Operation Trained.


Warrant frame materials and workmanship against defects for a period of one (1) year from date of substantial completion of the Work.


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Awnings Types:

Variety of shapes
Standard Window Awning
Standard Window Awning with Solid Valance
Convex Awning
Concave Awning
Dome Awning
Long Dome Awning
Patio Canopy
Rounded Entrance Canopy
Gable Roof Entrance Canopy
Hip Roof Entrance Canopy
Free Standing Cabana Canopy


100 percent acrylic fiber, color as selected by Architect or client. Exterior grade fabric awning material that carries a minimum one (1) year or above manufacturer’s warranty. The architect is to specify if the fabric must be flame retardant to meet City Fire Marshal requirements or equal.


All corners are to be mitered or completely welded to AWS standards.

Metal welding:

All joints must be mitered or completely welded to AWS standards, ground smooth, primed and painted.


Anchoring hardware shall be galvanized, zinc-coated 3/8” diameter or greater or as per requirement.


Two coats of polyester powder coat required when the awning installation is within 4 miles of the ocean or Painting.


Acrylic latex or silicone sealant at head bar and wall junction.
Using aluminum side molding to attach material to head bars.   


Fabrication of awning and frames in strict accordance with the reviewed drawings, written welding procedure specifications and the reference standards

Awning Frame Finish:

Frames and metal components are to be polyester powder coat painted.


We have more than ten years experienced awning installation work staffs.
Buildings are to be field measured by us, prior to installation.
Installation of awnings and frames in strict accordance with the Drawings and the reviewed drawings, and to provide appropriate building code requirements and aligned and plumb.
Welding procedures and operation shall comply with the industry standard. Grinded smooth exposed welds finish welds to the inside.