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Parking Shade / Tensile Structure



Tensioned Fabric Structure: Cable and/or frame supported tensioned membrane-covered fabric structure;
incorporating a fabric with low elongation characteristics under tension and capable of an anticlastic configuration.
Fabric structures in which fabric is applied as flat or mono-axially curved configurations are not acceptable.


Our Industries’ design and rendering capabilities will bring your tensioned fabric structure to life. 
It all starts with your idea, plan or concept.  With your imagination and Eide’s expertise, we then work together to configure a well balanced and economical design using only high quality materials that offers grace, beauty, strength and functionality.
Sometimes a two dimensional view simply cannot convey the complexity and artistic perspective of an integrated three dimensional tension structure.Our Industries’ rendering capabilities showcases proposed concepts from any desired angle to answer, enlighten, identify and/or resolve issues.


Finite Element Analysis to determine reaction forces of the structure under simulated loads such as wind, gravity and pretension of cables.
Engineering calculations to ensure the structure is suitable for the loads in city.
Design and calculation of appropriate concrete footing sizes.
Optimization of frame structure member sizing and anchoring.
Precise fabric patterning of the tension structure membranes to ensure a tight and wrinkle free fit.
Certified Engineering drawings and calculations suitable for state and local permitting authorities.
Detailed and approved shop drawings for manufacturing.


Two 35-foot long RF (Radio Frequency) Heat Sealing Machines to weld PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and other high frequency textile fabrics.
Frame welding of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. 
Large format rolled ink, vinyl adhesive, eradication, cut and radio frequency sealed graphics, cold and heat transfers and digital applications.
High temperature PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) heat sealing machine to weld fabric membranes.
Industrial sewn membrane covers with HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) mesh or solid Acrylic fabrics.
Custom full-size fabric pattern plotting, cutting, scanning and digitizing services for engineered precision fittings.


Our installation department is certified to assemble the most elaborate tensioned fabric structures and help make your dreams a reality.  
Through long hours of planning and attention to detail, Eide Industries will create an installation procedure utilizing all the necessary equipment and manpower for each custom project.
Typical equipment that may be operated to assist in tension structure installations includes: Cranes, Construction Forklifts, Booms, Zoomers and Scissor Lifts.