Optitech Infra

Vertical Garden

Aesthetically-pleasing living green walls with the flexibility of choosing from an array of plants and mounting options to suit existing wall conditions. Plant pots are manufactured from UV-stabilized recycled polypropylene. Getting green, beautiful with ease, and value for money together for The Urban Gardens, where we transform the most underutilized wall spaces into Live Green Walls.


Interior Walls.      
Exterior walls.
Free standing walls.
Building facades.


Beautiful Designs – This is the most important part while planning a vertical garden. No worries! We will give you the best design options suitable for your wall.

Quality Plant – Our plants are pre-grown in soil-fewer mediums, thereby ensuring their extended life and full greenery from the 1st day of its installation.

Unique Technology – The European technology we use is very unique & significant and even used by inventor of vertical gardens.

Simple Setup – Our vertical garden system is designed in such a way that it is very  easy to install and maintain. 

Installation Steps:

Installed directly on Wall or MS structure.
Installation of drill irrigation system.
Plant Insertions.
Final Checkup.