Optitech Infra

Library Furniture

Display Rack:

H-6’0” (1’0” height for storage cabinet and rest 5’0” for Publication display) made of 19mm thick commercial board / MDF board, both side laminated with acrylic sheet pockets for holding Publications along with clips to hold the thin publications . All edges will be in board covered with teak wood / PVC edge bending. All hardware (Hinges/Handles/ Channels/ Locks) will be included respectively. 

Wall Mounted Display Rack:

H- 6’0” and Depth- 6” made of 19mm thick commercial board / MDF board both side laminated, shelves of 1’0” height ,all edges covered with teak wood leaping / PVC edge bending. Including all hardware’s, complete in all aspects. Cupboard File cabinet Depth-16”,H-7’6” approximately made of 19 mm thick commercial board/MDF, front covered with shutters ( partially glazed and solid) as per requirement, both side laminated.
All edges covered with teak wood, leaping / PVC edge bending. All hardware’s ( Hinges/locks etc.,) will be included in all aspects.

Book Curve:

Rack “( )” shape, Book Rack Curve type frame will be iron + board Size­6’X3′. Made of CRCA square sections of size 75mm X 75mm powder coated with outer supports of square section.  Double sided shelf with 18 gauge thickness and there should be half height divider between both sides of the books. Coverd by 18mm thick prelam particle board on sides, top and back. Shelves made of 25mm thick prelam particle board. 
Size :’C’ curve rack will be in three Units.
Total size of all the three units in one  35 – 45 degree“C” curve shape Rack with size of 1800mm(Height)x2700mm (Length)x600mm(Depth) & gap between two shelves will be 300mm