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Light Weight Construction


Increased carpet area within the same built-up area due to lesser thickness of walking and cladding (i.e. 200mm, 150mm, and 100mm, in SIPOREX instead of 350mm, 230mm, and 115mm in conventional systems). Due to bigger sized of SIPOREX blocks, there are less number of joints in the masonry, thereby effecting substantial savings, cement and sand which are both costly as well as scarce. High thermal insulation and fire resistance properties help to reduce fire hazards. Installation and recurring air conditioning costs also reduce substantially. Mass manufacture in factory under strict quality ensures total quality.


Speedy return on investment due to speedy constructional, earlier starting of production in case of factories. Saves cement, steel, construction and supervision cost, construction time water used in construction and, most importantly, the timber used for centering and form work used in conventional system. Uniform quality assured due to mass manufacture in factory. Convenient for use in congested and water deficient areas. Also useful for Multi Storied Buildings, Cold Storages, Spinning Mills etc. Siporex slabs are normally designed for residential loading (live load 200kg/m2) and these can be designed for higher loads upto 1000kg/m2, depending on span and ultimate use.

Slabs are available from 0.96mtr to 6mtrs in increments of 0.24 mtrs and thickness from 125mm to 200 mm depending upon super-imposed loads spans. Wall panels are available from 0.96mtr to 3 mtrs in increments of 0.24m and thickness from 75mm to 100mm.


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