Optitech Infra


Lockers are constructed from cold rolled sheet steel free from surface imperfections and capable of receiving a high grade hybrid epoxy polyester powder finish.


Food grade plasticDoors are of double pan construction and consist of a 20 gauge outer skin formed and welded to an inner skin of 22 gauges. They are assembled with a structural honeycomb core bounded to both skins of metal and then welded around the perimeter of inner skin to give a rigid door system. Doors are complete with a one way anodized aluminum recessed box with easy grip handle and an embossed area for a flush number plate.

Bodies :

Locker sides, backs, tops, bottoms, and shelves are constructed for 24 gauge material and are formed from pre-painted galvanized steel in our #360 locker grey finish. The edges are formed to provide a strong rigid assembly when riveted together. Shelves have no sharp edge and a series of holes are punched for ventilation and hook attachment. All locker bodies, backs and shelves are pre-painted galvanized steel in our light reflecting 360 lockers grey.


 A full length hinge is securely welded to the frame and fastened to the door with screws or rivets. The hinge is fastened on the right side of the frame allowing doors to swing from left to right.

Locking Methods :

A hasp and padlock, which fits into recessed aluminum pocket, created maintenance free single point locking system. A hasp is permanently welded to the frame and constructed from 10 gauge formed material. Our hidden nylon friction doorstop ensures proper door closure and quiet operation. The doors are also equipped with door mutes to add to quiet operation.

Protective Finish :

All steel sheets are phosphate cleaned and finished with a high performance hybrid powder epoxy. The paint is applied electrostatic ally and cured at 375 degrees for 15 minutes to achieve a uniform smooth protective finish. The thickness of the coating is a minimum of 1.5mm, and the colour is selected from Optitech’s Colour Selector Chart. Special anti-graffiti textures, patterns, and custom colours are also available upon request.