Optitech Infra

MD Desk

Optitech appeal thanks to their diffident elegance, clear lines and high quality workmanship. The Optitech features high-quality veneers as primary material components that combine clear design and reduction down to the essentials. Furniture set that takes a back seat and allows the materials, colors and surfaces to take centre stage.

Optitech furniture that gives spaces a consistent overall look. Providing furniture accents through the combination of colours, veneers, glass, aluminium and glossy surfaces. Modern media and information technology are integrated perfectly into this MD Desk. Quality becomes apparent in the automatically closing aluminium drawers lined with leather, the premium plug boxes, the perfectly accessible cable management, the various surface and material finishes, the height adjustability of the tables, the LEDs integrated flush in the Boards design a conference table what he conceived fully interpreted the two fold vocation of the Italian design, being able to integrate and live both the home and office environment continuously.

The MD Desk, which is suitable both in domestic as well as in executive or corporate office spaces, is characterized by an important base: a single sculptural leg made in wood covered with brushed stainless steel, with internal counter-weight plates.

The Desk’s top can be either in tempered glass or in a variety of solid wood finish options, 50 mm thick. Optitech desk fits both in home living rooms areas as well as office executive rooms. Presented in the double version, it can reach a length of 4.8 meters or as per requirement. In this way all the legs are interchangeable giving rise to an extremely flexible system and expanding the available offers within a single product line. The surfaces used are always 22 mm (more or less and as per requirement) integrated with this entire series of legs: portal, frame and V-shaped.