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Mezzanine Floor

With Panel Built’s Mezzanine-Built mezzanine systems you can effectively and economically divide your plant space with free-standing process enclosures, office complexes, environmentally controlled rooms, equipment enclosures and more. But a great product is only the start. Included in every installation is the Panel Built Difference.

Exceptional service and support
On-time delivery
Technical/CAD drawings
Strict quality assurance standards on fabrication
We have a strong and innovative structure that can be re-configured, moved, or expanded with ease. Our Mezzanines come with sturdy, powder-coated steel components that provide an attractive glossy finish that is easily maintained. Match that with modular in plant office wall panels and you have a completely pre-fab, modular, expansion solution. Our wall panels are offered in a number of colors; in a variety of panel finishes; R-factors; chemical resistances; and fire ratings.

Mezzanine Specifications:

The mezzanine system shall be designed for a uniform live load of 57 KG per square foot and shall meet all requirements of UBC codes. All design calculations and drawings are to be prepared under the supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer who shall be a full time employee of the mezzanine manufacturer. Optitech shall appear on all calculations and drawings. The mezzanine manufacturer shall have a minimum of fifteen years experience in providing mezzanine systems.


Mezzanine width and length as required by plan. Column spacing as required by plan. Top of Deck height and clear height as required by elevation, stairs, platform, location by design and code. Field measurements by factory authorized personnel to assure exact fit and custom design and Optitech drawings prior to fabrication.


Mezzanine support shall be provided by structural steel column tubes meeting ASTM A500 Grade B, 46 KSI yield requirements. Columns shall be a minimum 6″ x 6″ x 3/16″ tube with approximately 12″ x 12″ base plates depending on seismic requirements. Support shall not be provided by building walls or columns and cross bracing should not be required for lateral stability.


Framing members will be minimum 12 gauge, cold formed “C” channels meeting ASTM A572 Grade E, modified to 50 KSI yield requirements and designed per AISI steel codes. All framing members should be supported directly on column tops or in factory welded hangers for maximum stability.


Deck material will be a minimum 1-1/2″ 20 gauge heavy-duty roof deck painted light reflective white. The roof deck meets ASTM A611 Grade C requirements. The roof deck will be covered with 3/4″ T&G unpainted Resin deck LD or other as designated in project specification.


Stairs are to be designed to meet UBC code requirements and will include 7 in. closed risers, 11 in. treads, and 34 in. high guardrails with extensions one side, top and bottom. Treads will be solid safety plate.


All mezzanine and stair handrails are to consist of square tubing and shall be designed to meet strength and rail opening requirements of applicable codes. Railing on the mezzanine will be 3 level and 42″ in height to the top rail.


Loading gate, if required, shall be a 6-foot, two-panel swing gate or other as designated in project specification.


Mezzanine components shall be powder coat painted. A minimum of 14 paint colors will be provided to choose from. Factory authorized personnel to provide field measurements on site prior to the preparation of approval drawings and to consider where mezzanine may butt up to existing building walls or where it is necessary to work around existing building columns and other obstructions.


Labor to install shall be by a licensed contractor with a minimum of ten years experience installing similar mezzanine structures. All crewmembers to be prompt and professional and all work to be performed in a timely manner.


Mezzanine shall carry a lifetime warranty covering all structural components of the mezzanine. Paint finish, deck-walking surfaces, and normal wear and tear to non-structural components may be excluded.